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Location: FF-222C, 4th Floor
Tel: 03-8084 1288
WhatsApp: 011-1112 1888
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Musee Platinum Tokyo, Japan’s No.1 Hair Removal Salon!


Now there’s a smarter way to stay hair-free and beautiful with MUSEE’s S.S.C. hair removal.
We keep prices low thanks to our network of 195+ outlets in Japan, 8 outlets in Hong Kong,
6 outlets in Singapore, 5 outlets in Malaysia & 5 outlets in Indonesia, with over 3.3 million
satisfied customers, it’s no wonder we’re Japan’s No. 1 Hair Removal Salon!


We are using our technology called S.S.C. (Smooth Skin Control) Hair Removal, which is a
new state-of-the-art pain-free technology. Treatment is safe, fast, painless, gentle to the skin.
It’s a very effective light therapy used to treat unwanted hair.


It offers much better result as compared to waxing, laser hair removal and other hair removal


Our service is provided exclusively for women.


Arigatou gozaimasu!

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