Location: T-216C, 3rd Floor
Tel: 03-2202 2887


TOYEIGHT is an AI-backed Edutech startup from Japan with a mission to create a world where everyone can unleash their talents.

The TOY8 Playground is an experiential playground for children, specially designed to bring out their natural-born talents. Developed by the ex-MIT researcher, creative directors and educators, they provide an experience unlike any other with immersive fun activities. If you need to run an errand while your child is having fun at the playground, TOYEIGHT also provides Child Drop-Off service. Visit for more details of the service.


Additionally, you can enjoy the delightful offerings from Tzuka Cafe, located in TOYEIGHT which features playful edibles and a charming garden-themed atmosphere. If you are interested in learning an instrument, Tutti Music School is also located here and offers a range of courses, pods for private practice and instrument sales.

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