Lucky Mala Noodle

Lucky Mala Noodle 上上仟麻辣烫


A perfect bowl of MalaTang is from a recipe that has been a heritage passed on for generations over 100 years through a series of trial and error. It’s the foundation of flavour in every bowl of soup. Using only the finest selection of beef and pork bones, our broth is boiled for more than 10 hours, using 18 different types of spices, along with traditional Chinese herbs. Not only are these herbs great for your body, it makes the dish incredibly aromatic as well.


It is then cooked till golden, which signifies that it’s ready! Choose your favourite ingredients, level of spiciness and numbness, and you’ll enjoy a heavenly bowl of Lucky Mala Noodle!








Location: LG-K01, Lower Ground Floor

*Non-Halal وان ایکس بت بت فوروارد