Sushi Zanmai – Soft Shell Crab Specials

Project Description

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Celebrate the season with our mouthwatering Soft Shell Crab Specials! 🌟🦀


Experience the essence of summer on your plate with these expertly cooked crabs. Perfectly crispy on the outside and tender on the inside.


Discover the deliciousness of our Soft Shell Crab Specials, available for a limited time from 31 May – 27 June 2024!


1. Cheesy Spider Roll from 31 May – 27 Jun;

2. Spicy Soft Shell Crab Ramen from 31 May – 6 Jun;

3. Refreshing Spider Nama Harumaki from 7 – 13 Jun;

4. Wasabi Spider Roll from 14 – 20 Jun;

5. Fruity Spider Nama Harumaki from 21 – 27 Jun;


Follow Sushi Zanmai on Instagram @sushizanmaimalaysia


Sushi Zanmai is located at Lot T-217, 3rd Floor

Project Details

31st May 2024

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